We ensure that the surplus untouched food does not get thrown away, and every grain of food is utilized.

The process behind achieving our objectives is simple. We get a call from our donors on our 24x7 helpline - 9001295293. After receiving the call, our Anna-Doot team arrives at the location along with the van and clean utensils/containers. The food is tested at the venue before pouring it in the containers. The containers are then loaded in the van and taken to the cold room. If the food is collected during the night, it is stored in the cold room, and if it is collected during the day, it is distributed to the beneficiaries without any delays.

The food collected overnight is stored in cold rooms in a clean and hygienic environment. The next day, food is prepared for distribution by loading containers in the Anna-Doot vehicle after conducting necessary tests. The food which is fit for consumption is sent for distribution, and the unfit food is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Apart from distribution, we hold regular workshops and seminars for all our stakeholders and discuss the innovations and problems in managing food waste. Our philosophy is, "through information and knowledge, anyone can become an Anna-Doot (Messenger of Food)."

Call us on 0141-2502299 to know more.