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Meals Saved This Week 1,400
Total Meals Saved 3,650,000
Total Carbon Footprint Saved 1,425
Total Water Saved 2,430,000,000

We are an organization working towards eliminating food waste. We started working towards our mission in November 2010, and now we have saved more than 3.5 million meals from getting wasted.

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Annakshetra at Schools

Annakshetra has also stepped in to address the issue of the food waste at schools and started its...

Ghar Ghar Annakshetra

The Sustenance Fridge: Annakshetra has stepped in to address the issue of the food loss at home a...

Utsav Annakshetra

This year on Diwali, Annakshetra drove a special drive wherein it focused on collection of sweets...

Mahabhoj Event

There are a few auspicious days when lot of weddings/celebrations take place in the City. These a...

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Continuing a 3 year Tradition

Annakshetra first received a call from the Hon’ble Minister of Education and H...

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Milo Milk Distribution in Schools

Annakshetra Foundation Trust received 2000 tetra packed chocolate milk packets c...

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The 4 R's of Annakshetra

Annakshetra runs awareness campaigns to prevent food wastage. If food is effecti...

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