We are an organization working towards eliminating food waste. We started working towards our mission in November 2010, and now we have saved more than 3 million meals from getting wasted. We have also been able to reduce carbon foot-prints of our donors, and the ever increasing wastage of water through our intervention of saving the cooked food from going into bins. The donors have helped us move closer to our mission of reducing food wastage, and all the stakeholders have been putting their efforts towards the realization of our vision of positioning India as a "Zero Food Wastage Economy" by 2025. This means that by 2025, we will ensure that no food is being wasted in India, and this will only be possible through our determination and the determination of all the members of the society.

We, through the help and support of our donors, collect surplus unused food from social gatherings, schools, company warehouses, and households through our Anna-Doot team. The food collected is stored in cold rooms under hygienic conditions, and is then distributed to the people at the bottom of the pyramid, who put in hard day’s labour and are still not able to afford two square meals a day.

We are currently operational in the city of Jaipur, Prayagraj and Nagpur.