There are a few auspicious days when lot of weddings/celebrations take place in the City. These are the occasions when special arrangements are made by Annakshetra team to collect food from maximum locations. With its limited resources and community support it goes on Round the Clock and stored at appropriate temperature. Following collection, community gears up to distribute it scientifically and passionately. First of such event was held on 14 April 2014.The event was a great success and we were delighted to welcome such a great group of people who came from all over.
More than 15000 underprivileged people enjoyed the surplus food which was collected from 17 Marriage Gardens. We could collect more but our utensils were overflowing and not even a bowl was left empty.
The feedback from various individuals and groups after reading the coverage of Mahabhoj in morning newspaper has been superb.We see this as just the beginning of creating a highly active and connected community for like-minded persons who want to take on this challenge in respect of Management of Food.
The participation of volunteers and various other groups made sure that the distribution ran smoothly and showed great enthusiasm.

We have received incredible feedback from our guests who thoroughly enjoyed the event.
We all hope that we will be able to repeat similar standards during next Mahabhoj.
Few media clippings and pictures of the event and here………Thanks again!!!!