If you are a student looking for internships, there are a few things we already know about you. We know that you’re ambitious. We know that you’re at the top of your game academically. We know that you take your work seriously. And we know that you’ve taken the time and money to invest in your future.
And if you’re at a top school, you probably know a fair bit about NGOs and understand how important a summer internship can be for your career. So isn’t it about time we got to know one another better?
There’s no better place to spend a summer internship than at Annakshetra Foundation Trust. We’ll take the skills and theory you’ve learned from your course and transfer them to the real world.
The training and development programs and the people you’ll work alongside will help and support you.
Your future career is a big decision. For you, and for us. A summer internship can help ensure we all make the right one.

For International Students

If you’re a student working in Solid waste management, then a Annakshetra Foundation in Jaipur, India is an ideal opportunity to gain experience in the field. During your internship abroad experience, you’ll work for an organization that supports the deprived section of the society. Note: We provide living accommodation within our office premises to international students. Our administrative team is available to take care of your requirements. Annakshetra welcomes volunteers and interns to work in various departments, including Fundraising, Marketing, Impact, and HR.If you have a specific skill set or interest in data analysis, graphic design, social media, etc. Please contact us to find out about the opportunities.

For a list of projects available get in touch with our internship coordinator on-