The Sustenance Fridge: Annakshetra has stepped in to address the issue of the food loss at home and started its campaign ‘Ghar Ghar Annakshetra’. On July 22,2015 Annakshetra installed a refrigerator “The Sustenance Fridge” on the side of a public street. It is fully designed and installed like an ATM. The fridge is 24X7 accessible to all residents of the locality and all houses have been apprised of this arrangement (through pamphlets, posters etc). The “Sustenance Fridge,” is a place where anyone can leave surplus food or needy persons can come, collect and take it home to eat. The response has been tremendous – bread, puris, churma, rice, dals, fruits, sweets anything nearing expiry date, all is now finding place in the fridge. The Sustenance Fridge has salvaged an estimated average 20 to 30 kilograms per day in its first months of operation. Individuals and local restaurants have contributed foods of all variety.

Food Collection Last Week
23 kgs

Food Collection Till Date
966 kgs