With an aim to minimize food wastage and redistribute the surplus to the impoverished sections of the society, Annakshetra Foundation was-set up in November 2010 in Jaipur. Launched by Centre for Development Communication (CDC), Jaipur, Annakshetra aims at minimizing food wastage by effective channelization of the excess food leftover in weddings, parties, restaurants and temples. 

The foundation has developed a large network with hotels, marriage halls and other associations which provide surplus food to be redistributed in slums, orphanages and poor areas of the city. Once collected, the food is stored in the deep freezer and tested for nutrient value by experts. After being tested, the food is distributed in slums and orphanages. Since its inception, the organization has served or distributed more than 3.5 million meals to the needy people in the city.

After successfully running the initiative in Jaipur city for last 7 years, the foundation plans to increase its operations and set up similar centres across multiple cities in India.

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