The 4R’s of Annakshetra


Zero Waste starts by Refusing things. Refusing will eliminate most of your trash. Learn to say No. Say no to produce wrapped in plastic. Say no to freebies and bargains. Say no to disposables. Say not to participating in unsustainable practices. The more we accept all those things that will inevitably end up in landfills, the more demand we generate for those unsustainable things.




Annakshetra runs awareness campaigns to prevent food wastage. If food is effectively reduced at the first stage then not only is the food saved for a large part of the population but also harmful effects on the environment are prevented. Source reduction means buying less quantities of any kind of processed or unprocessed food products that may end up into garbage.




Reuse is Annakshetra’s recovery program. It collects the leftover food from sources and distributes among the hungry and poor. Thus value is obtained from discarded food of immense importance which would otherwise have been wasted. Also through Annakshetra people are motivated to use small portions to reduce post-consumer waste also called “plate waste” or “table scraps”. Consumers are encouraged to donate themselves if the leftover food is small in quantity.




If the tested food is not suitable for human consumption, it is sent for composting. By recycling, Annakshetra ensures that the bio-waste does not land into landfill sites thus preventing environmental damage and improving agricultural output by improving soil. It is ensured that the pre-consumer waste provided by donors is not ultimately wasted but is recycled.

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